Engine Brackets


How to Determine Transom Angle
Single Engine Transom Layout
Double Engine Transom Layout

Single Engine Layout

Single Engine Bracket Installation
You need to determine the vertical (centerline) of your transom.

From the bottom horizontal line and go up:

For a 20" shaft engine - go up 19"
For a 25" shaft engine - go up 24"
For a 30" shaft engine - go up 29"

Then measure up the centerline (vertical) from the keel point 19, 24 or 29 inches.

At the 19, 24 or 29 inches mark a top line.

The top line is where the top of the engine bracket bolts up against the transom.
(Not the side were the engine goes.)

Check to make sure there is enough clearance inside the boat when the
Bolts* and nuts are installed.

*Bolts, nuts and washers must be stainless steel to avoid rust.

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